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Treeschool is a high quality arboriculture and forestry-training company

Why do I need training?

Training is a legal requirement. The provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998 (PUWER) require employers and the self employed to provide adequate training and to ensure that chainsaws and related equipment are operated only by persons who have received appropriate training in their safe use. Anyone working in or on trees is expected to hold a recognised certificate of competence.

Also training has a positive impact on staff. They become more skilled at their job. It makes them feel valued, by management. Productivity and independence are increased. Also accidents and injuries are reduced along with lost productivity.

Basic qualifications we cover

The basic qualifications for operating a chainsaw are:

  • CS30 (201 & 202) - maintenance and crosscutting
  • CS31 (203) - small tree felling
  • CS38 (206 & 306) - tree climbing and aerial rescue
  • CS39 (308) - chainsaw from a rope and harness

Please look on the courses page for further information.

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