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Cost of Courses

CourseCost Per PersonAssessment Fee
Maintenance and cross cutting (ITA)    £300 N/A
Basic chainsaw techniques (ITA)    £300 N/A
Maintenance and crosscutting 201 & 202(cs30) £300 £134
Felling small trees 203(cs31) £500 £110
N.B this course can be combined with cs3o, over five days £600 £244
Felling medium trees (cs32) POA POA
Individual windblown (cs34) POA POA
Multiple windblown (cs35) POA POA
Climb trees and aerial rescue 206 & 306 £660 £130
Chainsaw from rope and harness 308 (cs39) £500 £110
Pruning operations (cs40) POA POA
Dismantling operations (cs41) POA POA
Fell utility poles (cs43) POA POA
Fell standing stems (cs44) POA POA
Arboriculture ground worker (cs45) x x
Wood chippers (ITA) POA POA
Stump grinders (ITA) POA POA
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